Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Noah!

Noah turned 4 on November 3rd!! He had a really fun birthday party at Chuck E Cheese's a few days before his birthday.

I have been so busy doing a million other things and I just have not had the time or energy to plan and put on a birthday party. So I thought going somewhere where I dont really have to entertain or clean up was the perfect plan =). So Noah got to choose some friends that he wanted to invite and we had a fun afternoon.

On Noah's real birthday we had a fun family day. Kenta took the day off and we went to the zoo. It was 70 degrees outside so it was the PERFECT day for the zoo. I only snapped a few pictures though.Later in the afternoon we went to Graeters icecream and played. Then on his birthday evening we went to grandmas house for dinner.

Overall It was a really fun birthday weekend =)

Noah's 4 year old stats.

Height -43 inches.

weight -40 lbs.

Favorite color- Blue

Favorite food- chicken nuggets, ravioli and peaches

Likes- Trains, cars, playing in the sandbox,swimming and Preschool

Dislikes- snakes, spiders, bugs, and clothes that dont fit just right. (very annoying!) =)

Noah I am so proud of the little boy you are. You are so smart and thoughtful of others peoples feelings. You have a sensitive little heart and such an excitement for life.I love that you are such a good big brother to Eli and I know from your excitement for a new little brother that you are going to be a big helper with the new baby. We love you so much Noah and are SO happy you are a part of our family. Happy Birthday big boy! =)

October's Card Club

As promised I am posting projects and cards from Octobers club a few weeks ago.

Club project #1 A fall colored card

Club project #2 A paper cup turned into a turkey treat.
Kristen's card
mollie's mine Amy's
Kristi's Danielle's

October Festivities

What a busy month we have had! There are so many things I have been wanting to blog about, so I am going to try and condense some of our halloween fun all in to one BIG post.
During the month of October we did many fun Halloween things. I love October!
One day when uncle Jackson was over we decided to make our Haunted gingerbread house.

We took a little trip to Devine farms and picked up some pumpkins and did a fun few things they had going on there. This is the 2nd year that we have gone there and it is definately a yearly tradition that we will be doing as long as we are in Ohio.
That is such a fun place to go!

This is the fun barel train ride.
Noah going through the hay maze

After all the activities we picked out our pumpkins
Of course we had to do some pumpkin carving with our pumpkins. Aunt Mollie came over to join in on the mess =)

Eli would not touch the seeds with his hands so he had to use a spoon. What kind of little boy does not like to get messy? =)

The finished products

Now for the big night....HALLOWEEN!!!! We had such a fun time trick or treating with grandma, mollie and her friends and our friends the Mcquivey's. We have a 2 year supply of candy now!

Aren't my little Indians SOOOO CUTE!!