Thursday, August 28, 2008

Just complaining......

I know I have not blogged for forever but I just have not felt like it honestly. I have been feeling so tired and yucky lately. It has taken ALL my energy just to keep my house somewhat put together, clean dishes in the cupboard, clean clothes in the dressers, food on the table and of course parenting 2 little boys and still trying to be somewhat of a loving wife. Why cant I be one of those lucky women who feel great, happy, energetic and "Glow" when they are pregnant? I am just tired, in pain, impatient, and all around feeling like pooh! I have been trying to break through all of that though. I am making myself paint my kitchen cupboards this weekend. No I really dont want to do this because it is such a BIG task but I want to throw up every time I look at my ugly, 80's style wood cupboards. So it must be done. Anyway enough complaints!........ lets talk about my cute brother =)
My brother Chance just graduated from BYU a few months ago and he got a job as a news reporter/anchor for a television station in St. George. He called me tonight and told me to go check out his news websight and watch his one on one interview with Mitt Romney! He was pretty impressed with himself that they were the only station to get that interview with him. Go Chance! You all should go check it out.
When you get on the websight I think you need to click on the regional tab and his story with romney was there. Pretty cool huh! ..... I am so proud of you little brother =)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Lake Hill Camping

Last weekend we went camping at a new place we decided we would try. It is called Lake Hill Campground. We have never went camping where we stayed in cabins before, but it was great. All the cabins had in them were beds. I must say I kinda liked it...It was a bit easier then setting up a tent and a bit more confortable =) My parents and sister camped right next to us in their tent. We took the boys and mollie fishing for their first time ever. And it was the first time in a VERY LONG time that kenta and I had been. It was so fun, the boys loved it. Although Noah was afraid of the worms and wouldnt go near the fish we caught but he still like holding the fishing pole and being on the little boat. =)

I was the winner of the fish catching =) I caught 3 and mollie and kenta tried so hard to beat me but with no luck they only caught 2. HA HA!! I have to be good at something right!?!? maybe next time guys =).
We like this place, so we are going back in a couple weeks for mollies big 16th birthday fiesta, this time she will be bringing a couple friends.
Anyway here is a bunch of camping pictures.

Eli helping daddy and grandpa set up the tent.

Grandma and Eli Grandpa and Eli

Eli washing dishes....what a good little helper He is so gross and weird sometimes!
Noah and his first fish, if you look closely at the bottom of the fishing line, that is as close as he would get.
Where are you pants Eli!?
Cuddle time with Grandma =)

Nighty night =)
Noah excited to go fishing