Sunday, September 19, 2010


We spent some time this summer about 2 1/2  hours north of us with my brother Chance and his wife Jessica. They live in Toledo and by this fun beach/camping place called Maumee Bay.I think  its actually lake michigan. It was a  Fun relaxing day on day on the beach. =)
Not even  a week after we were there is when the deadly Tornados hit Toledo. SO many homes and buildings and school were destroyed. I believe 7 people were killed and while all that was going on Chance was out risking his life in the crazy weather because thats what news reporters do, its crazy!  A couple days after the Tornadoes hit Chance went to Haiti for a week so I went and stayed with Jess all by myself for a few days. They actually cancelled church that weekend I was there and ask that we go volunteer and help clean up after all the devastation.  So thats what Jessica and I did. It was so sad to see some peoples house just GONE. IT was crazy sad.... I didn't do much help in the grand scheme of things but it felt good to be there with so many other people  and be able to help out a little bit.

summer trip #1

In May we went on a little road trip to Nauvoo Illinois. Some of our best friends from Utah met us there.  They are actually more like family since I have litterally known them since birth. I grew up with Heather and Kiessa and our moms were friends before I was even born. Now my kids are getting to grow up with Kiessas kids and I am pretty sure Noah is going to marry Kendra! They are inseperable when they are together. She actually got to come spend a week all by herself with us this summer but I will post on that later.
We rented a vacation house that sat right on the Mississippi river and it was so beautiful!  I really love Nauvoo it is such a pretty town and we had a really good time with really good friends.  :)


So here I go trying to play catch up! We had such a fun busy summer and I really wasn't in the mood to blog to be honest. Then every time I thought about blogging I didnt even know where to begin! So here I go starting at the beggining of summer.
Our friend's the Mcquiveys moved to Ohio 4 years ago for Optometry school and Rebecca and I became fast friends because she had alittle boy Noahs age whos name is Dash. When we met them Noah and Dash were only 1 1/2 years old. They litterally grew up together for 4 years and were the best of friends! Well Rebeccas husband Chris graduated and got a job in AZ so they up and left Ohio. Noah and Eli were so bummed Dash was leaving so we decided to have one last really fun time with him so we had our very first friends sleepover party with him. They had so much fun sleeping in a tent in the basement, getting all sugar high and staying up till midnight! They were party animals! :) 
The boys have been talking about Dash a lot lately so that is what motivated me finally to post this.  We miss you Mcquivey family!!