Friday, January 14, 2011

My 2 year old

Time sure does fly and I don't like that so much... I wish my boys would not grow up so fast, but I guess there is not a dang thing I can do about it, except for seriously enjoy them as much as I can. Dont get me wrong we surely have our bad moments but I am slowly learning just to ignore the melt downs and tantrums as much as I can..My sweet baby boy Kai, who is not so much a baby anymore turned 2 years old on December 15th. Kai is a picky eater which I am not used to. He would eat crap all day if I let him. His favorite foods are bananas,string cheese, anything with beans, and spaghetti. He LOVES his brothers and copies everything they do. He doesnt talk much.I think thats because Eli does all his talking for him. The only words he says, is Eli (his first word) Mommy, daddy, yes, kitty, buzz (for buzzlight year), juice, choo choo, and as of 3 days ago he says No. Noah is at school all day so Eli and Kai have become Bff's. They play and fight so well together. =)
He is very much into trains and anything with wheels. He doesnt like tv or movies that much. The only thing he will sit and watch for a little while is Toy story.
Kai's 2 year old stats: 26 lbs.(15th percentile) & 33 inches tall(25th percentile)
Kai has the cutest smile and laugh! I love him so much and cant imagine my life without my 3 little men...

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

2010 in a very small nutshell

Me being the blogging slacker that I am (and really wish I wasn't).. have decided to make a goal of at least posting something every month this year.. Good Luck to me!!
I am so disappointed about some  stuff I never got around to documenting. DANG ME and my lack of motivation... I thought I would post a couple photos from 2010, just to wrap it up in a very small nutshell. (mostly for my own remembrance)

January- Noah finally became brave enough  to hold his pet frog that he had had for over a year... This was a HUGE accomplishment kids!
February- In the midst of winter so not much going on.. just hanging out with stud muffins.
March- Happy Easter!

April-starting to enjoy being outside after hibernating all winter..
May- Noah finishes up preschool!
We also went on a trip with some friends to Nauvoo Illinios.. Me with my kids next to the Big Mississippi.

June&July- made a super long road trip to Utah for 2 weeks.. The kids were awesome in the car. (thanks to our dvd player in the van!) It was such a fun trip.. ...Heres the boys with my sweet grandma.
I got to spend the 4th of July with Some of my BFFs from Utah..  ..Ricci is  on the left and we  found each other my  senior year in highschool. I Love her so much!.... Melissa in the red and Eppy standing next to me, I have known since I moved to ogden valley when I was 12 years old. They have been some of my besties  for that long... I love and miss these girls, and their kids so much!

On July 20th Eli turned 4!

August- Noah started full day  Kindergarten  at Columbus Preperatory Acadamy and  his new  teachers name  is Mrs. Hall.. He was so excited to start and still loves it so much..(except for the waking up at the butt crack of dawn.) We all very much dislike that!
 Well I officially feel old now that I have a kid in Elementary school!!

September- Eli started preschool. First day of school with Mrs. Nicole and her daughter Seattle.
He also LOVES his teacher and his school so much! Eli only goes 2 days a week for a few hours. And can I say I love those few hours a week that I have alone time with my littlest man.

October- Happy Halloween! I must say my kids were the cutest toys story kids out there. =)
Kenta and our friend Alex before a Halloween shindig.. Dont they just look fabulous!  Kenta just used my costume from last year.. Only a true man can wear red ruby slippers. =)  Alex was so clever in his costume. If you cant tell, he is a cereal killer..  Creative, No?
November- No snow yet, so the kids are soaking up the last few days of sunshine..

On November 3rd this kid turned 6! And a few days berfore that he lost his first 2 bottom teeth.  He looks so dang cute. =)

December-    Christmas came of course and it was a blast! And My baby Kai turned 2 !! Doesnt seem possible, but it happened...

 I swear to you all, thats  still assuming people still check this thing, I going to be better at this documenting my life stuff. I have so many peoples blogs to catch up on now! Forgive me for my lack of commenting, I am going to be better. =)
And to those of you who went private, which I know some of you did. Hook me up with invite!!