Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Welcome home Heidi

My much taller, blonder and younger sister Heidi returned home from her mission in Georgia last week. She will home for a few weeks before she is off to school at BYU Idaho. Noah was excited to see her, Eli didn't remember her and it was her first time meeting Kai. The boys sure have loved having an aunt Heidi around!
Welcome home Heidi!

Slate Run Farm

We visited the Slate Run metro park a few days ago. Slate Run is an old time running farm about 30 minutes away from us. They raise animals and food.Then city kids like us can go visit the farm. We went at a great time of year because there were a lot of cute baby animals. We got to decorn the cobs and then grind the corn into meal. We got to play with some of the wooden games in the house. We even got to see a Rat snake just hanging out in the doorway. Noah takes after me and wanted nothing to do with snake, but Eli wanted to pet it. YUCK! So aunt Heidi picked him and let him touch the snake, he seemed pretty proud of himself for doing that. =)
We pumped water from the well for a drink and took a ride on the swing. It got up to 84 degrees that day, which is the warmest it had been so far this year. It was very beautiful and warm. It was fun to spend the day with some great friends at a great park.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Thomas and Friends

For those of you who don't already know this, my boys like many their age are obsessed with trains. They love all trains but really are into Thomas and friends. So when we saw that there was a Thomas and friends live show coming to town we just had to go. We got Noah and Eli decked out in some of their train gear and they looked so cute. =) Grandma came over and hung out with Kai while we took the boys to the palace theater in downtown columbus. It was so fun! It was so fun to see how happy and excited they were the entire time! Yay for Thomas and friends =)
Good memories........

Saturday, April 18, 2009

April's card club

This months card club was at Danielle's house and we had a Spring theme. Danielle came up with this cute matching card and box that has a bottle of lotion in it. Such a fun night as always and really cute projects, Thanks so much Danielle!! April's cards:





Kim R.




Baby Kai

This adorable baby boy is 4 months old now. We had his 4 month checkup this week. He got more shots and cried louder than ever. It really is so sad because Kai really never cries. He only fusses when he is hungry or tired. Anyway it was really hard to watch.
He now weighs 13 lbs 12 oz. and 24 inches long, which puts him in the 25% all the way around.
He is seriously the best and easiest baby. He makes having 3 kids way easier than I expected. He is just so chill and happy all the time. He Started sleeping 12 hours at night about 6-7 weeks ago. There was no training involved like I had to do with my other kids. He just started doing it and has stopped yet! Which makes me one very happy and rested momma =). He is really close to rolling over and is still perfectly happy in his swing and bouncer. This week he started sucking on his hand and thumb a lot. I dont know if its because he is teething or if he is going to be my 3rd kid to suck his thumb. I am trying to enforce the binki but he thinks his hand tastes a lot better.
I just love this kid so much, he makes we want to have 100 more =).........ya, maybe if I could skip the entire pregnancy thing!
Here is a cute picture of my other monkeys, they are pretty great to =)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter

The past few weeks we have got to do some fun easter activities.
Since I know this is just boring stuff for some of you. I just want to say that I use this blog as a type of journal. It is mostly for myself and my family so I can remember things. I have never been a good journal keeper but always wanted to be especially since I have kids now. I want to remember the little things we did as a family and the funny things the kids have said 20 and 30 years down the road. I wish that I had done this starting 5 years ago, so I could remember when Noah and Eli hit all their milestones and documented some of the fun things they did and said when they were smaller. I plan to print this off yearly and put it in a binder of some sort. Does anyone have any good ideas about doing something like that? I am still trying to figure out exactly how I want to do it.
But ANYWAY.... back to writting about our Easter festivities. =)

I love how you can buy these holiday house kits now. There is not just only gingerbread house kits anymore, there is haunted houses you can make for halloween and now this year I found this Easter bunny house kit that is so cute! The kids love making these houses and they are always a cute decoration in the kitchen for a few weeks =)

We colored eggs, which is always fun and messy! The boys were lucky enough to get to do 3 Easter egg hunts. One at the church, one at the park and one at our friends house.

At the park's Easter egg hunt they had a bunny for the kids the pet. Eli LOVED this bunny. He had so much fun petting and teasing this bunny, it was so funny. Our friends the Sondrups invited us over for a little Easter egg hunt and barbecue, which was so fun. Even though Kenta was working and only got to show up for the last 30 minutes. Thanks guys it was so fun!

Here are all the cute kids at the barbecue. I think this picture is so funny. They were trying to get the kids to make funny faces and I guess Eli thought his buddy Riley needed some assistance.

Now for Easter day....
Easter was a great relaxing day. The Easter bunny found us, and of course they were SO excited! The toy trucks were their favorite item they got. They have still not let them go. The trucks went to church, to grandmas for dinner, they have taken a bath for the past 3 days. They have eaten breakfast, lunch and dinner with us and Noah even insisted that he take it to preschool. I tried to convince him it wasn't a good idea, but he just kept saying " Mom, everyone will love my truck, they really will." It was pretty funny and since Noah has the best preschool teacher who I didn't think would mind, I had to let him.
Anyway after a a fun morning and a yummy brunch off to church we went. The past week I had been trying to explain to Noah the real reason for celebrating Easter and he just wasn't really getting it, which is fine. He is only 4. But after church on sunday he had a much better understanding. I asked him what he had learned at church today and he told me he watched a movie and he explained to me all about how jesus had died and came back to life and that he had owies on his hands. It was pretty cute to listen to him tell us all about it. My little boy is growing up. =)
After church we went to my moms for the rest of the day and spent time with family and had a delicious Easter dinner.

Look closely and you will see Noah is wearing a tie in the picture below. I had no idea he was wearing this until we got to church. I asked him about it and he said he just wanted to wear a tie today. Kenta and I were laughing so hard! Noah and Eli are so funny sometimes.They make me laugh so much. I just can not imagine my life without these boys. They make me so happy......most of the time =)

Hope everyone had a great Easter!