Monday, February 25, 2008


So I thougth I would be better about blogging but I have been slacking.
So I had herd that you could try and potty train your child when they are 18 months, because they are'nt so resistant then, but if you dont then you would have a nuch harder time later. I had herd this when I was potty training Noah when he was about 2 1/2. Well my little Eli is 19 months old and has shown interest in the toilet and watching Noah go to the bathroom, so I thought what they heck lets try it with Eli. I sat him on the potty the other day to see what he would do, well sure enough to my surprise after about 2 minutes on the toilet he went pee pee!
Well an hour after that I put him on again and once again he went potty. this is very exciting to me.. Anyway the past few days every time I put him on he goes but has yet to tell me that he needs to go, but that will take a while , but we are on the road to having 2 boys in undies! NO more diapers =)
Wow my life is so exciting!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Valentines date...a few days late =)

SO after my eventful day with the new kitten, Kenta and I did get some alone time.Since we didnt get to do much on Valentines day, My mom had offered to watch the kids while we did something fun and ALONE! We didnt really want to go out so we just ordered food from our favorite Japanese restaraunt SHOKU.... WE just took it home and sat on the couch,ate,watched t.v. and relaxed for a while...It was a nice date =)...Thankx Mommy!

Here we go!

So I have been wanting to start a blog for a while and my friend Becca has bugged me about starting one for a while. So HERE WE GO.

I will just start with today.

So I went grocery shopping with my 3 year old son Noah today and as we were walking up to the doors of the store a man was walking next to us holding a little kitten. Noah of course loves kittys and noticed it right away. He asked to pet the kitty, as he was petting the cat the man had told me that he was getting into his car when someone just threw the cat out the door of their car! Can you beleive that!
I think this guy was walking back into the store to look up shelter adresses. I am not sure really. But he said he was not able to take it home since he had 2 pitbull dogs at home and he didnt think they would react very well to a little tiny kitten. WEll..... me and Noah both fell in love with the kitten and I felt so bad for it. I HAD to adopt it =)..... Kenta was quite shocked but okay that I brought home a new little kitty... Eli and Noah are of course loving her to death !!WE have all fallen in love with her.....Some of you who know me know that I saved an abondon kitten 4 months ago. So now we have 2 cats! Thats ok, I love cats....Don't worry I love dogs to.. I have 1 of them also. You can see Rusty my dog checking out the new member of the family =)
Now I have to think of a name..Any ideas?