Sunday, July 19, 2009

Kalahari Resort

Before we went to Cedar Point a few weeks ago we went and stayed at the Kalahari resort. ( read previous post about cedar point if you haven't already) My brother Chance and his wife Jessica were in town and mollies boyfriend Tyler came along. So we had a nice group of us!
Kalahari is a HUGE african themed resort. It has an idoor/outdoor water park with an arcade, indoor mini golf course, a bigplay area, a pottery making shop and some other stuff. It's a fun little vacation spot. We did not stay long enough to do everything but we want to go again and just stay there a couple of days.

Here is a birds eye view of some of the indoor water park.
Here is Noah coming off of a water slide. He is fearless when it comes to water slides and pools! He is such a little fish.
Auntie Jessica with Kai

I was having camera difficulties, and they were turning out dark so I didn't take very many pictures in the waterpark.
Here is everyone waiting for the huge bucket of water to tip over on them =)

Outside of the hotel there is a petting zoo you can walk to. That night after playing in the water park for hours we decided to play at the petting zoo for a while. They had pony and camel rides you could do. I tried to get Noah and Eli ride the camels but they were to scared, they just wanted to ride on the little horses. They also got to feed all the animals. It was so cute to watch them feed the girrafes and kangaroos .

If you live in Ohio and have not been there I highly recomend going! I think it will be the perfect getaway in the winter. =)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cedar Point

We have lived in Ohio for almost 4 years and have never been to Cedar point until 2 weeks ago. For you non-ohioans Cedar Point is one of the big amusement parks in Ohio. This one is in northern Ohio in Sandsuky. Cedar Point is on a narrow pennisula jutting into lake erie. It currently holds the world record for the most roller coasters, one of which, The top thrill Dragster, is the world's second tallest and second fastest roller coaster. Reaching speeds of 120 mph and a height of 420 ft. INSANE I know!!
We wen to cedar point with my parents ,my brother Jackson, my brother chance and my Sister in law Jessica, and then my sister mollie and her boyfriend Tyler.
This was also my boys first time at an amusment park, so they were sooooooo excited!!
I spent most of my time taking the kids around and they were having the time of their life!

Later in the day Eli surprisingly took a nice little catnap.

Moster truck ride...we did this ride 3 times (myself included)!

Uncle Chance and Eli on the boat ride.....

Auntie Jess and Noah =)
Kai spent most of the day in grandpa's arms=)...Have I ever mentioned that my kids have the best grandpa in the entire world! Seriously dad your the best =)
Did I mention how crappy the weather was that day. The high was 65 degrees and it was raining off and on all day! I had to buy all the boys jackets and my mom carried this blanket in from her car and wore it around when it was raining.... Brrrrrrrrrr....
Daddy and Eli in the swings
Kenta,Eli,Chance and Noah up in the bus.. They thought that was pretty fun!
Here is the SCARY Dragster roller coaster I mentioned earlier. My people are actually on that one I took the picture of,Jackson said he was excited but I could see him fighting back the just kidding jackson =)

Chance and Jessica trying not to freak out!

Mollie and Tyler also trying not to freak out! Although Mollie did kind of freak out. She was pretty much hyperventalating and I even saw a tear or two =(..I dont blame her though, you could not pay me enough to go on that ride!! SO good job little sister and everybody else!!! =)

Here are all my brave people after they survived the dragster! =)

Here is kenta and I sitting on the sidelines while everyone else was waiting in line for the dragster. Kenta would have gone but he didn't want to leave me alone for an hour
waiting for everyone to get done with the roller coaster. My parents were off with the kids at that time.
We had a good time and will probably make it a yearly event to go. But going there made me realize what a scaredy cat I have become. I would not go on half the roller coasters there. What happened to me in my old age!?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Spring Soccer 2009

Soccer has been a lot of fun this season. Noah has done an awesome job. He really does take after his dad. Eli is really good to but he has a hard time playing the entire game. He will play soccer for a minute and then go wander off and play on the swings or something else. Which is ok. That is why this little soocer team of ours is so great because all the kids are so young and kristi (the coach) is so patient. It really is such a fun thing for these little boys to do and they all have so much fun doing it!
We are taking a break from soccer right now, but we will start back up in the fall.
The last soccer game we played was in our backyard . Their were more guys than usual since my brother chance and his wife Jessica were in town. My dad was their and my sister mollie's boyfriend Tyler was their. And then some of the soccer dad's were their. So after the kids game all the guys and kristi played their own soccer game. It was fun to watch all these old people run around and play! =)

Here are pictures of the kids last soccer game of this season.

Go Team!

This is Eli chillin' on the swings like he does half of the time :)

Friday, July 3, 2009

Stampin' Up! for Down Syndrome

One of my fellow Stampin' Up friends Mary is hosting another Stamp-A-Stack fundraiser for Down Sundrome. Her beautiful daughter Leah has Down Syndrome and she is trying to raise money for their "Love of Leah" buddy walk team. She did this fundraiser last year also,and it was so fun!!
Click HERE to read last years post about Mary and her sweet daughter Leah.
This years details.....

Stampin’ Up! for Down syndrome
Saturday, August 1st 8a-4p
6019 Canyon Creek Drive, Dublin

Come stamp a stack of 12 cards (4 designs, 3 of each design). All material is pre-cut and we’ll be using stamps and product from the new Idea Book & Catalog (envelopes included; bring your own adhesive)!

Saturday, August 1, 2009 8am-4pm
Come at your convenience. Allow 2 hours to complete all 12 cards.
RSVP by Monday, July 13

 Light refreshments will be provided.
 Door prizes!


Contact Mary: (614) 801-1621 or
or you can let me know and I will let Mary know.

I went last year and have already r.s.v.p'd to go again this year.I was hoping to get some of my fellow stamper friends and card club buddies to come with me and help support her in raising money for Down syndrome. Mary is so creative and talented so I know her cards she comes up with will be awesome!
Stampin' Up! has donated about $500 worth of product for this event. So there will be some great prizes to be won!
I actually won a huge gift basket of Stampin' Up stuff last year! =)
Click HERE to check out last years cards we did.