Thursday, August 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Eli!!

I am a little late posting this ,but better late than never. =)
My little boy Eli turned 3 on July 20th! It is so hard to believe that he is already 3!

We had a birthday party planned at our house and an unfortunate series of events at my house (one including half of my deck collapsing) lead us to change plans last minute and have the party at the tuttle pool that we always go to. Usually you have to give a 3 day notice to the pool for a party, but since my sister mollie is a lifeguard there they let us do the party with less than 24 hour notice. Thanks mollie for pulling some strings for us!
It was a lot of fun and we had a great turn out! We had a Curious George themed party with pizza, cupcakes, a pinata and of course pool fun! We did it around dinner time so a lot of the dad's were able to come and hang out at the pool and have pizza and cupcakes with us. It was a family fun night celebrating my big boy's 3rd birthday! =)

After the party we came home and the boys played with Eli's new presents .His favorite gift was his new spider man man bike from his grandma & grandpa walser. (my parents)
No more tricycle for this big boy!
Thanks everyone that came, we had so much fun!!

Eli's Stats:
Weight: 36 lbs.
Height: 37 inches...just over 3 ft. tall
He is a pretty good eater, not to picky. Some of his favorites are strawberries, rice, anything chicken and Nato which is this Japanese sticky bean type food. He seriously would eat Nato for breakfast, lunch and dinner. He recently had Sushi at Kentas parents house and he loved that to! I guess has some Japanese genes is him or something =)
He is very much into trains and cars still. He loves playing super hero's and flying off the furniture. He is so funny and is always copying his big brother and has to do anything he is doing or says anything he says. I guess you could say he is Noah's little shadow. Noah and him play really well together. They are definitely best friends. The two of them can also fight a lot but it is always over the same toy or something like that.
Eli is such a good big brother to Kai also. Eli is always the first person up in the morning and as soon as he hears Kai wake up he goes and crawls in his crib with him and plays with him for a while. He always calls Kai "baby Kai" not just Kai but "baby Kai". It's pretty cute.=)
Eli is the comedian of the family. He is always doing something that makes us laugh and smile, or else he is doing something that makes us so angry such as coloring on walls or doors (yes, he still does that! GRRRRRRR!!!!!)
Eli gets to start preschool in a few weeks now that he is 3. I have Noah and him in the same preschool class and they are both so excited!
Happy birthday Eli, we love you so much and we cant wait to see how you grow over this next year and hopefully STOP coloring on everything! =)