Sunday, September 28, 2008

A bunch of cards =)

For a long while now I have been meaning to post some cards and redecorating projects I have been been working on around the house. For those of you who dont know and are wondering what all these cards are about, it is a little hobby of mine. I am a Stampin' Up! demonstrator and every month I hold a card club at my home. I have a group of girls that come over and create a couple of projects I have prepared for them and then we do a card swap. All the girls bring 7 of the same card that they have made and then everyone gets to leave with 7 different cards. It is a lot of fun and I love doing it!
Well as per request from a few people and some extra pressure from my friend Jennifer K. =)
here is some cards that I have created for swaps the past few months and also the club projects from the past few months. I am going to try and keep up on this and post the club projects and all the girls cards for the swap every month. If they dont mind =)

Sorry some of these pictures are hard to see the cute details, but I just took these pictures and it is kind of a gloomy day, so the lighting is not great.

Here is the cards from Septembers club swap.



September's Club projects
A little Halloween treat box and a matching card with envelope
August's club projects
A fun waterfall card and a yummy popsicle card
July's Club
A tin of chocolates wrapped in designer paper and a matching card to go along with it. June's club
A Jumbo magnetic paper clip for the fridge and a yummy card.
Can you tell I love that fruit stamp set =) The rest of these cards are just a few I have done for swaps.
For all you card and paper crafting lovers, I want to see your projects to! I will try and post my projects as I do them so you should to. It is fun to get inspiration from you all. =)

Now I need to post some other projects I have been doing around the house, so check back soon =)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


So I know this is not news for all you Ohioans but I have to explain to my other readers what us here in columbus have been dealing with this week.
Sunday afternoon we had a strong wind alert. Apparently we were getting the remnants of Hurricane Ike. Nobody was prepared for what was about to hit us! Winds up to 75 miles per hour. Trees were taken out everywhere! If a tree did not break in your yard you at least had branches everywhere. Our power went out at about 4:00 p:m on sunday, along with 2 million other ohioans (not exagerating).....Anyway long story short is we got our power back after 32 hours without power. And we were definately one of the lucky ones. I think we were some of the first people to get it back. There are still so many people without power and it has been 4 days now. These are some power lines right in front of our friends the Buskens home. We are so happy they didnt snap all the way in half and that they still have a house!Luckily we only had 2 small trees at our house go down. They will make for good fire wood this winter =)The kids had a fun time helping us clean up all the mess after the storm.Reading in the candlight before bed =)We have this fun fire pit on our deck so that was fun entertainment the 2 nights we didnt have power.
I am SOOOO thankful no trees fell on our house and Yay for Electricity!! =)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First day of preschool

Noah has been so excited for preschool to start. Finally today was the big day. He woke up and could not wait to go. I am so excited for him to do this. I dont think I will be as excited when kindergarten comes around but for now its only a couple hours a day 2 days a week. So I think we can handle that. It will be so quiet when it is just me and Eli in the morning. Today I was watching my friends the Gibbs 2 cute little girls, so it was not quiet and it was good because it distracted Eli. Eli really did not want to see Noah go! Look at my big boy, he is so cute =)
I had to snap this picture as we were leaving. They both look so sad to see him go.
This is his teacher Miss Raquel. She lives in our neighborhood and goes to our church. She is just starting a preschool in her downstairs. It works out pretty perfect =) After school he said " Miss Raquel is nice, she is my new friend!"

His first school projects =) He loved every minute of it and cant wait to go back thursday. I am such a proud mommy!

My new love!

I did it and I am so happy I did. What a difference!
I amaze myself =)

BEFORE...ugly 20 year old, outdated cabinets

Dont let this picture fool you, that is 1 of 3 cabinets he sanded. I did most of the work with the other 15 or so.
After day 1. Ready for day 2.
After lots of sanding, priming, a couple coats of paint, new hardware, and a terrible backache later. I present my beautiful new cabinets! =)

Thank you to My mom and Mollie for taking the kids so we could do this!

Just some cute pictures

Since I have been slacking on blogging I thought I would just post a couple cute pictures that I have taken this past month. That I thought were blog worthy =)Noah is so excited for his new baby brother. My mom bought a few cute baby clothes as soon as we found out it was a boy and Noah insisted on carry these clothes around for a couple days. He even had to lay them out nice and perfect so he could sleep with them. He is so funny!This is a cute kitten that was hanging around us when we went camping a few weeks ago. He tried to hide it in grandmas car when we were packing up getting ready to go. Good thing somebody caught him hiding the kitten before we got home!
Just a cute picture of my boys in our little cabin we stayed in. They loved the little loft in there.I thought this was cute of Eli sharing his frosting with Noah. Eli would not let Noah hold it to eat it so this was the compromise =)This was actually pretty sad. Mosquitos Love Eli! We can go outside and Nobody will get a Mosquito bite and Eli gets eaten alive! Well this is the second time this summer that he got a bite on his eye and than 24 hours later this is what he looked like =( Poor little guy . He was a one eyed boy for about 4 days.