Thursday, March 17, 2011


This past week kenta and I have been in really somber mood after hearing everything that is going on in Japan. It is the topic of most conversations. I know most of you who know us well know that kenta is Japanese so that would obviously make my kids half Japanese. Kenta was born in Japan and lived there off and on till he was 20. So obviously all that is going on right now hits very close to home.
I have never been to Japan but no doubt will take my kids one day.
Kentas parents moved from Japan to Tennessee about 4 years ago but other than that, his brother, sister and all his extended family live in Japan. Thank goodness they are all safe and sound. They are all from central and southern Japan from what I understand. Which is not where the hardest of the earthquake and tsunami hit.
It seems so surreal just watching all the news, videos and reading everything about it. My heart just breaks. I get more sad everyday. I have been trying to explain to my kids about the natural disaster that is going on there and my son Noah seems to be affected by it. He keeps asking about daddy's brother and sister, and friends. I tell him they are all going to be fine but he keeps asking. Noah & Eli pray for all the people in Japan during their nightly prayers. Noah has such a soft heart and really cares about what people are feeling and what they are going threw. Eli knows whats going on but he is just to young to understand the severity of it. And I don't even try to explain it to Kai. He is 2 and chooses not to talk anyway. So whats the point?
I really hate just feeling so helpless during these devastating events.
Please everyone pray for all those people in Japan. Especially those who have lost loved ones and are without food, water, and shelter. Pray for all the workers that are are putting their lives in danger working with the nuclear crisis and trying to stop this meltdown.
The only thing we can really do is donate money if you can and pray.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Just cute pics of Kai.

My baby Kai is not a baby anymore.(tear) He turned 2 a few months ago and he is very much acting like a terrible 2 year old. He sure is a cute terrible 2 year old though. He has the cutest smile and gorgeous eyes. Thanks to those asian genes he has. =)I feel so blessed to have this beautiful boy in our family.