Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Funny story......

Here is the story..... If you know me than you know I always have a cat or 2. I prefer 2 so they have a friend... 6 months ago our cat Pumpkin just vanished..We had had her for 2 years and I hate to think about what happened to her. In our backyard there is woods that I know  deer, opossum and racoons live there and I dont know what else lives back there, but I think something that can hurt my kitties...I love being able to live in the city and occasionally see a deer or racoon in our backyard..The woods are only 1/2 mile wide or so but apparantly go somewhat far west and east..
ANYWAY.........Our FAVORITE cat ever Charlie dissapeared and had been missing 5 or 6 days. Noah cried anytime he thought about  him gone. Eli was sad but never cried.. I was also feeling lonely becasue Charlie was very much my lap buddy and extra sleeping partner (at the foot of the bed).. After thinking for a minute  I was sure charlie was gone for good so I  decided to get 2 kittens that were syblings and NEVER EVER let them outside! I found 2 little baby GIRL sisters and snatched them right up! I am not the only female anymore!! =) ....This i
s where it gets funny... I swore up and down a long time ago that I would never have more than 2 cats.......... Not even 24 hours after we adopted our new kitties we found our missing cat Charlie!! Noah and Eli were out riding there bikes and Noah ran inside yelling " I see charlie!" ....Sure enough there he was 2 houses down, scared and starving to death.. He let me pick him right up and he came inside and chowed down on food for a good 15 minutes.... He was not happy that within the 6 days he was gone I brought home 2 new kittys and some new couches that he was not use to sleeping on!!! He stayed downstairs for a few days mad at me... =(   ..... Well as if my house was not full enough with a husabnd, 3kids, a cat (charlie), a dog (rusty) and a  frog (abby), I have an additonal 2 cats whose names are the girliest names I could think of...Daisy and Lilly... =)

This is Kai totally loving on the kittens..I didnt even tell him to do this but he just kept giving them kisses, which are opened mouth of course! Lol
I love this picture of Kai and his Mischevious look he has..The kittens are terrified of him, because he mawls then to death!!! LOL

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Look what Eli can do!

Eli walked up to me and said " I don't need my training wheels anymore mom. I can be like Noah!" So Kenta took them off and sure enough within about 10 minutes of practicing he had it down. I am one proud momma. =)
Way to go buddy!
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My New Life

This video clip has been everywhere the past week, but I really do think everyone should check this out....REGARDLESS of your religion! It is a very TOUCHING and INSPIRING story.... Although it is not just a story to Stephanie Neilson, this is HER LIFE..... I read her blog on a daily basis and hope everyone will at least check out this clip of her even if you dont read her blog.... Her blog and writing makes me think of the really IMPORTANT things in life. If you want to check out her blog then click on the "I READ NIE NIE" button on the side of my page.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers day!

My friend just showed me how to make these collages, and I was having fun doing them so  I am posting two in honors of Mothers day of me  and my little men! =)
I love being a mom to these 3 boys. They make my life so crazy and chaotic and I love it! (most of the time).... I can't and imagine my life not being a mom.  Thanks Noah, Eli, & Kai for choosing me to be your momma.
Happy Mothers day to all you mommys out there!

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