Monday, August 29, 2011

Birthday boy

Better late then never on posting this! =)
   Eli had a birthday! He turned 5 on July 20th. On the day of his birthday we had luau themed birthday party with his friends in our backyard. It was ridiculously hot but I don't think the kids even noticed since they were playing in water the whole time but us grown ups were dying in the 100 degree weather and crazy humidity.  It was still a lot of fun though. =)

There was lots of yummy food to eat, LOTS of water play, games, piniata, cake, and gifts.

Eli is such an awesome little kid. He is so stubborn and such a perfectionist. He is my little gymanst\dancer. He is always doing tricks and cartwheels and he is seriously sooooo talented at it.  The month since his birthday he has started full day kindergarten and loves it. I am so proud of the little boy he is. He is so sweet, funny and talented. He is also the best big brother to Kai. Always trying to teach him games, puzzles or acrobatic tricks. But best of all he is teaching kai how to use the toilet without me even asking him too!  I am so thankful for this boy even when he is being not so awesome... I Love you Eli. =)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

**The new LOVE of our lives**

On May 26th my kids got their very first cousin and mine and Kentas very first niece! We couldn't be more excited. **unless it was  us having a baby girl =) **
This is my brother Chance's and Sister in laws Jessica first baby. She is the cutest thing ever!! They gave her the cutest name, Penelope Jane .. Nickname Penny. We just love her to death already. Luckily enough they live just 3 hours away in Indianapolis. So we have already spent 4 different weekends with them in her short 6 weeks of life.....Really getting to like Indiana now. =)

This is the first day we met baby Penny.  Uncle Chance surprised with  the boys pink bubble gum cigars. lol =)
 Already got  the "peace" sign down! =)
I have to take credit for this outfit.. Isnt it so freaking cute!?.. You cant get cuter then leggins, tutu and a hair bow. =) I am having fun  spoiling this little lady especially since I dont often get to shop for little girls. But this outfit was just my favorite! I hope one day soon I have myself a baby girl and get this little tutu back =)

Isnt she the cutest! Just want to pinch those adorable cheekies. =)
 ***Proud Mamma and Pappa on Pennys 1st 4th of July***
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Monday, July 11, 2011


In June my little stud Noah graduated from Kindergarten!!. At the graduation his class sang and danced to Justin Bieber's "never say never". It was so dang cute! Noah has just blossomed academically this year. I am so proud of him. He has also become quite the ladies man. Most of his friends are girls and one of his very best friends Ella lives down the street from us and they were lucky enough to be in the same class together. Ella is leaving to go to private school this next year so this has been sad for them both, but at least they can still just walk down the street to see each other whenever they want. =)  Can't believe he's going to be in 1st grade next month. And his teacher Mrs. Hall is actually moving to 1st grade this school year so he gets to keep his same awesome teacher. =)

In May Eli graduated from Ms. Nicole's Preschool. He had such a fun time with her and all his preschool buddies this year. His teacher Nicole is a friend of mine and runs an awesome, adorable bilingual (spanish) preschool from her home. She is absolutely amazing with the kids and I am so thankful for all she did for these cute kids this year. Eli learned so much and had a lot of fun doing it. He also taught me quite a bit of Spanish that he learned at school. =)  Eli is so  excited to start Kindergarten next month, and I still am having a hard time believing that he is old enough to go to full day school. =(  On the other hand  I am excited for Kai's turn to go to Nicole's preschool this next school year. I can't believe my baby is old enough for preschool! =)
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Monday, May 16, 2011

I heart Tennessee

Last week we took a little trip to Tennessee  to visit Kenta's parents and sister. His sister was there visiting from Japan. We go visist them a couple times a year, but I really look forword to the once a year  when kenta's sister Tomoko is there visiting. She actually speaks English so I can carry on a conversation with her. =)  She plays with the kids a ton and they absolutely LOVE her! They equally love Kentas parents which they call  Baba (grandma in Japanese) and Tak-san.

They live in such a BEAUTIFUL area and I would seriously move there in a second if Kenta found a job there. This lake where we were at with this amazing few is about 2 miles from their house.

Right down the road from there house by the lake is  a park which we visit every single time we are there.
Tomoko is such a trooper! I would not let the boys push me on this, knowing it would totally make me sick! The boys are all wearing these adorable pants and shirts that Tomoko brought them from Japan. They are officially Noah's favorite pants! I mean who wouldn't love a pair of polka dot pants. =)

Baba has an awesome jacuzzi tub that the boys have to play in every single night. I want one!
We always eat nothing but amazingly delicious Japanese food while we are there. This time we had something that the kids and I had never had before. Its called Takoyaki. Basically its Octopus dumpling balls. The kids saw the the little octopus in full form before it was chopped into little peices, so I was sure they would not eat these. But to my surprise Kai ate more than anyone and he is my anorexic child who never eats! Eli was hesitant at first, but once I convinced him to try it he really liked it, and also ate quite a bit. With Noah it took bribery. Yes I bribe my kids A LOT!! I told him if he ate 5 than he could have a carmel apple. It worked and he ate 5 and didnt  complain about it. YAY I think my kids have those Japanese taste buds!! =)    They actually were pretty yummy..

And here is Grandpa  a.k.a Tak-san. He sure loves these boys a lot!!  And the boys equally love him. =)

Seriously can't wait till we go again. I LOVE Tennessee so much!!!  And I really can't wait till one day when we get to go visit kentas brother and sister,Tomoko and Daisuke in Japan.....One day. =)