Sunday, December 21, 2008

He's here!

Our sweet beautiful baby boy is finally here!
Kai Jacob Harada
Born December 15th at 11:27 a:m

7 lbs. 1 oz.

19 inches

Cutest chubby cheeks ever! =)

I had a c section on monday and everything went great. Needless to say I am still very sore and having a hard time getting around. We have been lucky enough to have kentas mom this entire week. I dont know what we would have done without here. She flew in from Tennessee sunday night and just left this morning. She took care of my boys all week long. I have been home since friday afternoon and she has kept my house clean, laundry done, Cooked and cleaned up every meal, and has given my kids a lot of attention that they needed. The kids absolutely loved having her here.I wish she could have stayed longer. THANK YOU Yumiko for all your help this week, you are the best! Kentas dad wanted to meet Kai and see Noah and Eli so he drove 7 hours yesterday, to get here at 4:00 p:m. Then they left at 7:00 this morning. Really quick visit but we are glad he took the time to come.

Noah and Eli have been so great with the baby. Especially Noah he is constantly wanting to help and take care of him. It is so sweet. Kai is so lucky to get 2 big brothers that love him so much. We are so blessed to have such beautiful healthy kids.

I just sit back and look at my family and feel overwhelmed with emotion. I just feel like the luckiest women in the world. 3 healthy boys and the best husband and father for my kids that I could have asked for. I love you Kenta so much =)

Here are a bunch of pictures from the hospital

This is right before we were leaving to come home and the rest of the photos are just since we have been home.

This is going to be the best christmas ever with all my boys =)

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Hope you all enjoy your christmas just as much as we enjoy ours =)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Trip to Utah

We just got back from our trip to Utah a few days ago. If any of my friends from Utah are reading this don't be mad I didn't call you. We were jam packed with family stuff that my mom had planned and we did not have enough time to even see any friends.
We had such an eventful, fun trip! I felt like we never stopped, and I am totally feeling it now! I am so amazed with myself that I did everything that we did as pregnant as I am =)
I just want to spend the next 2 weeks in bed. Anybody want to come be my housekeeper for a little while? =)
Beware this is a VERY LARGE post with LOTS of pictures. In no particular order.....
Thanksgiving was great. We went to my aunt and uncles house and had all of our family there. I didn't get very many pics on this day, but there was a ton of yummy food, some football, some guitar hero, and my 12 year old cousin put on an amazing piano recital for us. It was a lot of fun!

This is my cute cousin Emme playing with the boys and my grandpa loving the dog.

This is my brother Chance playing some guitar hero. Eli insisted on joining in on the fun =)


My little Sister Mollie brought her friend along to Utah. They had never been snowboarding before so Kenta, My brother Chance and his wife Jessica took them up along with with my cousin Mitch who had also never been and taught them how to snowboard. Of course me being super pregnant got to stay home and take care of the kiddos.

Mollie and her friend Leighana. Chance teaching mollie.

My sister in law Jessica, my cousin mitch, kenta, leighana, mollie and Chance just leaving to go up.

My brother Chance lives in St. George, so we decided we would take a couple days and take the few hour drive to go stay with him. While we were there we went to Zions National Park. It was so beautiful and just perfect weather right now. We also went to a little dinosaur museum in St. George.

Las Vegas is about 2 hours away from Chance and Jessicas house in St. George and my dad has a sister, my aunt Caty who lives there. So we decided to go to Las Vegas for a day. I am bummed I did not get any pictures of her and her cute kids.
There was a fun little festival going on at a park near her house, so we decided to stop and play there for a while with Caty and her family.
After the park and a nap, we drove to the Las Vegas Strip to show Mollie and Leighana. They had never been to Las Vegas before. We did not have a lot of time, but I wanted to take the kids the m&m factory since we were right there. That is such a fun place to go. I love the m&m rainbow wall. So pretty and YUMMY =)

Here is grandpa helping the boys fill bags of m&m's.......

This guy was so weird and fun to watch. Chance took Noah up to give him a dollar.

The last thing we did while we were at Chance's was we went and saw his work studio.
He is a news anchor/reporter. It was so fun to see it how it all works. All his work people were so nice and they turned everything on so the kids could check it all out and see themselves on t.v.

Future weather men or news anchors?

My favorite part of the trip was just hanging out with my grandparents and letting my kids get some bonding time in with their great granparents. We stayed at my grandparents ( my moms parents) house most of our stay. We also got to see my dads parents for a little while.

Eli and grandma Tarbox(My moms mom) and then the boys with grandpa and grandma Walser (my dads parents)

Grandpa Tarbox even took Noah and Eli for a little wagon ride.
While we were in Utah there was the big rivalry football game between University of Utah and BYU. This picture did not turn out good but I thought it was funny and I had to share. This is 2 houses (next door neighbors) that live by my grandparents house. They put lights on their roofs. Obviously rooting for different teams. I wonder what happened happened with those neighbors after BYU lost. I know my family were not the happiest of campers.

Now the main reason for our trip was to see my brother Jackson off to the MTC for his Mission to California. He is the my 3rd sibling in less than 2 years to go on a mission. My parents are supporting 3 missionaries right now, although my brother spencer comes home at the end of December.
These pictures were all taken at my granparents house right before they left to the MTC.
Good Luck Jackson! We will miss you but I know you will be great =)

Okay, was that a long enough post! I guess it makes up for my lack of posting this month.
Only 2 more weeks till baby boy #3. I have a scheduled c-section on december 15th! SOON =)