Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Birthday Boy

My youngest little guy Kai turned ONE years old on December 15th. December was such a crazy month so I am just now getting around to blogging about it.
We had a little birthday party at my moms house for him. Kai is still the sweetest most laid back kid I have had. He has the cutest smile with his 8 big teeth. He started walking the week of his birthday and now all he does is walk! No more crawling for this little guy! He loves every kind of food. I have never had a problem feeding him any food, he loves it all! It is so fun to watch him interact with Noah and Eli. They all play together so well and Noah and Eli are always watching out for Kai. They are both great big brothers to him. Kai absolutely loves bath time. All he does is splash so there is a flood in my bathroom when he is all done. =)
His 1 year old check up is not until next week so I am not sure about his height but I do know he weighs 19 lbs. So he is still just a small little boy.
I am so in love with this little boy and am so thankful he is all mine! =)
Happy birthday sweet boy.

Here are the pictures from his birthday fiesta.