Saturday, March 16, 2013


Since Im starting to blog again I want start with updates on my kiddos... Starting with my oldest. :)
Noah is the most awesome 8 year old around I must say.. He is just finishing up the last few months of 2nd grade... He is growing up way to fast and I can't even stand it!
I really couldn't have asked for a more awesome first born son though. He really is a special kid with such a good heart.
He is such a helper when I need him to be, especially with his brothers. He is so smart and does great in school. Math is his strongest subject which he didn't get that from me! He definitely inherited that stereo typical smart Asian trait from his dad! ;). I love watching him read chapter books now.. Its like a whole new world he has been introduced too. He is currently reading the diary of a wimpy kid series and loves it.
He is adjusting to life here in AZ but it took a little while. He was of course sad to leave his friends and family in Ohio but he was also so excited for this new adventure in Arizona.. We moved here in the summer so it was well into the triple digits which was not a big deal for him at first since they had a pool to play in all summer. (that was the very first thing we did when we moved here, was buy and set up a big pool) NECESSITY!!
When school started I think it got tough for him. He didn't make any friends for the longest time. When asked if he had any friends in school his reply was always " I have a few half friends but not any real friends." Finally after Christmas break he went back to school and has since made 2 real friends he says. I love seeing him excited and happy about it, and they are 2 cute well behaved boys.. It's been different for him to make friends that are boys since in the past his few best friends have been girls... He's always been a little little ladies man. ;)
He still asks to move back to Ohio but doesn't ask quite as often anymore. It breaks my heart still when he has those sad moments, but am thankful he is slowly adjusting and learning to like it here..
Noah had a dentist appointment last week and ended up having his first cavity. Luckily we are friends with the dentist (friends from ohio) so I know it won't be as scary for him to get that fixed.. Makes the experience a much more pleasant when your friends with the dentist! :)
Unfortunately this kid is also going to need braces as soon as he is done loosing his baby teeth.. I blame it on him being a big thumb sucker up until he was 6 years old! (Very hard habit to break)

While we were in Ohio for Christmas break Noah made the choice to be baptized. He asked his grandpa, my dad, to baptize him and his uncle, my brother chance, to confirm him... His special day was on Christmas Eve while we had lots of family around. Just like Noah wanted. :)

Facts about Noah:
*favorite color- blue
*favorite food- spaghetti and sushi (not together)
*favorite sport- soccer
*favorite subject- science
*favorite activities- biking, swimming, scouts, Legos, and his newest thing is yoga. Which him and Eli started taking a yoga class a few months ago..

I can't wait to see Noah with his new little sister in a few months! He is so excited and is always kissing my tummy and thinking of names for her. It's pretty darn cute. :)
I know he is going to be such a big helper when the baby comes because he has already offered to change diapers and wake up in he middle of the night! What a good boy I have, and I Just can't even express how much I love this cute kid !!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Oh baby!

Where to even begin? I want to blog but never know where to even start up again.. So I am going to attempt to start AGAIN by beginning with our life right now..
I know blogging is not really the thing anymore, but this is really mostly for my own personal journaling purposes. :)
So here we go.....
Here is what is happening right now...
BIG NEWS for us!!
I'm growing another fetus and we were surprised to find out we will be having a GIRL!!
Im still having a hard time wrapping my head around that Kenta is capable of producing a baby girl. ;)
We all couldn't be more happy!
On Valentines Day We took all the boys to THE ultrasound when we found out the sex, and it was so fun watching their reactions when the lady told us it was a girl. I've never seen Noah and Eli so excited. They were literally jumping up and down screaming..Kai really wanted a brother but was totally happy when they told us it was going to be a sister.. Meanwhile Kenta and I just looked at each other and smiled while we were both in shock.. I will never forget that moment.. :)

Now for the complaining...
We didn't plan this very well because this little girl is due at the hottest time of year here in Phoenix.. JULY!! Really really bad timing. I just might die. But I will try and enjoy the 70's and 80's while they last :)
This pregnancy has been rough to say the least.. I'm quite sure at times that this little lady is trying to kill me! Emotionally and physically. This has been my first high risk pregnancy which has been super stressful.. I'm just about 20 weeks along and am about to have my 4th ultrasound tomorrow, and I know its not my last.
I have had a few stressful issues come up but thankfully so far everything has turned out ok! I've also been dealing with a painful hernia and have been sick and extremely exhausted this entire pregnancy which is not normal for me.. Do you know how hard it is to be throwing up or just constantly nauseous while trying to maintain a house and take care of 3 kids and a husband.. Well it's IMPOSSIBLE.. My house is disgusting, laundry never ever gets folded, we eat out a lot more then we should and I feel like the worst mom on this planet..
The past few weeks it has slowly been getting better and the Throwing up only happens a few times a week now.. I am starting to get out of the house and the zofran is actually helping me feel somewhat human now!
I feel like Kenta works all the time and It has been EXTREMELY hard being alone here in AZ while I have been dealing with this..The saying "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" has seriously taken on a new meaning for me...
On a brighter happier note now... I'm finally getting to the point where we can talk about baby names and do a little shopping for this baby girl that we have wanted and waited sooooo long for! I'm finally going to have my little girl and I can't wait :)
Just praying I survive the rest of this pregnancy so I can enjoy this little girl!
We are accepting name suggestions so throw them at me!!