Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kai's first 2 teeth

This boy of mine is just so cute! Look closely and you will see his 2 bottom teeth he just got.
Don't you just want to smother him with kisses? I know I do! =)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Meet Abby

This is our new pet frog Abby. This new little friend of ours is named after one of Noah and Eli's BFF's. We had the frog for a little over a day and still had not decided on a name for it. The boy's friend Abby came over to play and I asked her what she thought the frog's name should be and she said without any hesitation "I think it should be Abby". Then she asked Noah and Eli if they liked that name for the frog and they very happily agreed. So that is how our frog got it's name. =)
Abby's dad just got offered a job as a professor at BYU . They are some of our best friend's here and we are so sad that they are moving to Utah soon. Hey but at least we have a frog named in their memory now! Maybe every pet we get from now on will be named after each member of their family! =)
My boys are seriously terrified of all bugs and reptiles. I know its weird, since boys are suppose to be all about that kind of stuff. Noah has always been scared of them and I think his fear just rubbed off onto Eli. I am trying to break them both of this fear. I myself am terrified of spiders and just grossed out by bugs and reptiles. I have been totally sucking it up and holding worms, ladybugs and potato bugs just to try and show my kids that they are not scary. So far neither of them have ever held a bug yet but Eli is now beginning to quickly touch them and poke them. So we are having some progress!
I thought getting a nice friendly frog would be good for them. Maybe it would help them not to be so afraid of everything. Well neither of them have wanted to hold the frog yet but they say they love it and want to keep it. So we will see if they ever get the courage to hold it. =)

Here is the adorable real Abby and her beautiful mommy.

We will miss you Gibb's family!!

Boys will be boys

I love the summer time when the boys can just go out back and play all day in our big fenced backyard. I leave the back door open so I can hear them while I am getting stuff done in the house. The other day I heard them laughing really hard and I went outside to see what was so funny. Well they had decided it would be so fun to run through the big mud puddle and get covered head to toe in mud! It was one of those moments where you don't know if you should be mad because now you have to bathe them and scrub the mud out of their clothes or just laugh because they look so cute. Well I just had to laugh and grab the camera. =)
Not only were they covered in mud but Eli was only wearing his t-shirt while doing this. No pants or underwear. I asked him where they were and he said he went pee outside. I don't know where he gets this from! More than once I have caught him in the nude peeing outside. What is that about!? Really the toilet is not that far away Eli... =)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Congratulations Kenta

Kenta is a college graduate wiith a computer science degree.YAY!!! It feels like he has been in school for forever. I know some of my friends are rolling their eyes right now because your husbands are in medical school/residency , dental school or getting their MBA's but still 6 years of school is a VERY long time!
He did not want to walk which I was bummed about but I thought we needed to do some kind of celebration. So we had a barbecue get together last saturday with a few friends to celebrate.
We all are so proud of you Kenta! Congratulations!

What's next....Information Technology job or graduate school?
Stay tuned.......

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Saturday, May 9, 2009

So tired.....

Kai had a hard day of playing. It must be so exausting being a baby. =)

Engine House #16

A few days ago we went to the downtown columbus Fire station museum with my good friend Kristi and her kids. It was pretty cool place I must say. It is an authenticaly restored 1908 engine house. It also is a fire prevention learning center.

When we got there a lady gave us a tour of the place and talked about the history of it. We got to see some really old fire engines that were awesome looking and then she gave us a little lesson in fire safety. After that the kids got to dress up in some fire fighting gear and play. All the kids had fun and overall it was an enjoyable afternoon. =)