Thursday, June 4, 2009

He did it!

Noah is all finished with his first year of preschool! He loved going and he wished he could go everyday! He has learned so much and had so much fun with his school friends and teacher.
We can't wait for preschool to start back up in a few months, and this time both Noah and Eli get to go!!
Here are a couple of preschool pictures.


kristina said...

Look how proud he looks in that last picture.

Chance said...

How come you decided to part noah's hair on the side? This makes me really wish we could be close to see the boys grow up

*kimmie* said...

Noah had spent the night at mom's the night before and took him to school that day. So his hair was mom's doing! I was cracking up when i picked him up that day, He looked so clean cut!