Wednesday, July 13, 2011

**The new LOVE of our lives**

On May 26th my kids got their very first cousin and mine and Kentas very first niece! We couldn't be more excited. **unless it was  us having a baby girl =) **
This is my brother Chance's and Sister in laws Jessica first baby. She is the cutest thing ever!! They gave her the cutest name, Penelope Jane .. Nickname Penny. We just love her to death already. Luckily enough they live just 3 hours away in Indianapolis. So we have already spent 4 different weekends with them in her short 6 weeks of life.....Really getting to like Indiana now. =)

This is the first day we met baby Penny.  Uncle Chance surprised with  the boys pink bubble gum cigars. lol =)
 Already got  the "peace" sign down! =)
I have to take credit for this outfit.. Isnt it so freaking cute!?.. You cant get cuter then leggins, tutu and a hair bow. =) I am having fun  spoiling this little lady especially since I dont often get to shop for little girls. But this outfit was just my favorite! I hope one day soon I have myself a baby girl and get this little tutu back =)

Isnt she the cutest! Just want to pinch those adorable cheekies. =)
 ***Proud Mamma and Pappa on Pennys 1st 4th of July***
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Jennifer Kendall said...

I love the name Penelope, and she is darling... have fun spoiling your niece, girls are so cute!!