Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hey Stamper's

Hello my fellow friends and stamper's
YOU have got to check THIS site out! Kristina was born and raised in Utah. She is now a graphic designer and creates some really cute projects using mostly Stampin' Up product. She tapes a video each week called "Make a Card Monday," which I think is fantastically clever and cute. You have to check her site out!! This is this weeks video card.
If anybody has questions about or wants to order some Stampin' Up product.. I am here to help you =).....My websight that you can order online

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter weekend

We had such a fun weekend. At the park by my moms house they were having an Easter egg hunt saturday morning. We were there about 20 minutes before it starting raining and snowing a little bit and it got really cold! So we could'nt stay long but at least they got to hunt for their eggs and pet a bunny that somebody brought. They had a lot of fun!

Noah sharing his eggs with Eli.. I know the pictures are blury and I am not happy about it =(

You cant see his face but this is Noah petting the BUNNY.

My mom had to work on Easter so we decided we would celebrate Easter on Saturday. So we stayed at my moms all day and colored easter eggs, watched movies, and had easter dinner.

The display of all his beautiful creation
of sponge bob easter eggs.

This is Eli concentrating on the same 2 eggs
while Noah did 15 or so.

Easter was always such a fun time when I was growing up. My parents always made it such a fun memorable day. We always got fun Easter baskets full of treats, toys, movies , or whatever we were into and always a new church and summer outfit. Then we always had a yummy Easter breakfast and Dinner that day. We also always went to church wearing our new church clothes. We all loved Easter almost just as much as Christmas. Soooo many good memories! =)

I am trying to create those same memories and traditions in my little family as I had growing up.

This morning the kids were so excited to walk out in the living room to see what the Easter Bunny left them. Especially Noah! They had so much fun playing all morning with their new little toys. I LOVE seeing their happy little faces!

I dont usuaully ever let them eat a lot of candy, maybe one little treat a day from their halloween candy that we still today was a special day so we let them eat pretty much whatever they wanted, they were bouncing off the walls =)......Does that make me a bad parent?....Oh well... It was so funny, they were so happy!

Noah and the much anticipated Bee movie that we went and saw on his birthday back in early November. He has been dying to watch it again!

This is Eli's FIRST bike. Elijah and Noah are absolutely loving it and they are driving me absoulutely NUTS with it! It may just MAGICALLY disapear into the garage tonight until they can play outside with it..=)

We did manage to pry them away from their Easter treasures to get to church on time though. They looked so cute in their new church clothes

I Hope everyone had a fun Easter!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

nothing much

So the past couple of days have been pretty boring, not much going on. Although there are a few things I wanted to write about that I took photos of.

So I will have a few different subjects.......

First is my brother Jackson. He is 19 years old and he is in this wierd teenage stage where he wants to wear kilts and leather pants and grow his hair all long and ugly, anyway I have been driving him nuts about cutting his hair mostly, for MONTHS now! Well finally the other day he said if YOU pay ME I will cut my hair, so I did not hesitate. I SERIOUSLY could not stand it any more. I Choppped his hair off! Can't you tell he is soooo thrilled about it******NOT*******
I am loving every minute of it though!

I wish I would have taken a before picture but just imagine him with his hair about 3-4 inches longer!!!
Monday we had a PIZZA night.Noah,Eli, and kenta love pizza. We made homemade pizza and it kept the kids entertained for a little bit. They got to help out with making the pizza. The boys had a lot of FUN making it and EATING it.

Since we moved into our home I have been wanting to paint quite a few rooms. I have done a couple but it is a lot of work. Well I finaly got to my dining room the past few days. I new I wanted to paint it but I finaly decided on this color which is like a burnt orange. I was a bit worried but I really like the way it turned out. It's amazing how $20 can of paint can totally transform a room!

Next I need to paint my bedroom.. I have an Asian black, white and red them going on..and my room is a pale yellow color..Does not go well together.. Any suggestions.??.I cant decide.

Friday, March 14, 2008

The vacuume =)

A few weeks ago I came home from the gym and when I walked into my house and there were 3 people I didnt know sitting in my living room giving my husband a Kirby vacuume demo. Kenta of course felt bad not letting them come in. Well long story short we ended up buying this vacuume. (It really is AMAZING!)

Other part of story**

Since the day Noah was born he has been terrified of the vacuume.. I thought it was just a baby thing but he is 3 1/2 now and was still terrified, that was until this new vacuume came along.
He wants to vacuume all the time. Although he wants to be in the other room when we turn it on and then he comes to use it. The only reason I can think of why he like this vacuume all of the sudden is becuause he saw the people showing us all the cool nifty things it can do.
I now am almost wishing he was still afraid because I can no longer vacuume peacefuly, and I LOVE to vacuume (seriously). Noah is always wanting to help and do it hismself and he cries if he cant.. Kids are so strange, how can he in one day jump from one extreme to the next? It really is quite funny. He has now taking my joy of vacuuming away. At least he is helping I guess. =)

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Fun snowy weekend

We had quite the SNOWY weekend. The news was saying this was the BIGGEST snow storm in years. Friday It started snowing around 10:00 a:m and it did not stop until saturday around 6:00 p:m .. 32 hours of pretty heavy snowfall.CRAZY!! It was actually kind of fun being snowed in for a few days. WE got to play with kenta more than usual. The boys are of course loving playing in the snow. Here are some photos from this weekend..Outside photos first.

Attempting to make SNOW ANGELS and Eli eating the snow off of his Choo Choo Train.

Noah helping daddy shovel the driveway and then ALL the boys playing in the snow =)

*****My CUTE snow bunnies*****

While we were stuck at home all weekend it was quite challenging on thinking of things to entertain the kids since they were going crazy being stuck inside for 2 days.So thanks to my friend Becca she gave me the idea a while back to do a pudding bath! I just made 2 boxes of instant pudding and put it in the tub and the kids went CRAZY! They absoultely loved it. SOOO much fun for them. It was quite the easy clean up since it was in the tub.

Other activities we did while it was snowing*******
We read books in their favorite reading spot and daddy rolled them up like burritos in their blankets.

We made cupcakes....yum yum =)

Well that was a few fun things we did during this SNOWY weekend.. Back to real life tomorrow.
Have a good week EVERYBODY =)

Monday, March 3, 2008

Bath Time

Bath Time is one of the BEST parts of my day. Not only do I get to wash the crackers, yogurt, pudding or whatever they have been eating threw out the day off of them but I get them smelling so yummy with their lotion.=) SO YUMMY...... I get to get them in bed shortly after that so I can have some ME TIME! We ALL sure LOVE bath time..

Tonights bath pictures =)

My beautiful ElijahCUTIES!

The END for today....


We have a Columbus Zoo membership so when its not to cold we often go there, and the boys love it. Besides the past 2 days, the past few weeks have been SO COLD and snowy. Noah and Eli where going nuts being stuck inside all the time , especially Noah who kept asking to go see the animals. Well I decided to do the next best thing and I took them to the pet store and the animal shelter, needless to say they LOVED it. So we have gone there a few times in the past few weeks. Here is some picures of them at the pet store.
Eli and a cute bunny


and of course Kitty Cats (as they both call them)
Thank goodness the past 2 days have finaly been warm ...65 degrees today! SO NICE!
We got to play outside today and go for a walk in there new wagon they got for Christmas.
Watch ,next week it will be 10 degrees and snowing again. I am DONE with winter!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

So I have been in a Stampin' Up club for a year now and my good friend Rebbeca is the demonstrator. She convinced me to to sign up to be a demonstrator a few weeks ago. I am so happy I did because I LOVE it =)

Rebecca and I hosted a Stampin' Up workshop a few days ago at my house. It was so much fun! A lot of work getting it all together but it was worth it. This is the "make and take" card we prepared for everyone to make at the workshop.

I have been working on a lot of projects lately for Stampin' Up club and just for myself. I thought I would post some things I have done in the past few months.
All All the product used in my projects are Stamnpin' Up product. If anyone is intersted let me know. You can shop off of my websight or if you would like a catalog , then contact me.
Untill next time....
Peace out =)